Cayenne in the garden and Culinary Uses

In the garden:
In the garden, cayenne is a productive and spreading plant. They bear hot red peppers that can grow up to 6 inches long. They are both ornamental and edible, but very hot so be careful! The peppers turn from dark green to fiery red and are ready to harvest about 75 days after transplanting them.

Culinary Use:
The peppers can be pickled and canned as well as dried. Dried cayenne pepper flakes can be sprinkled on chile, salsa, etc. It will definitely add a "kick" to whatever you add it to. I love it, even in chicken noodle soup, especially if i have a cold.

My grandmother used to have this saying, that I apply to this herb (among a few others..), and that is, "It will cure what ails you!" (Ok, its not her quote, but she did say it a lot, and its true of this herb, in my opinion.) :)