Medicinal Benefits of Cayenne (not to be substituted for Doctor's Care)

Many people have experienced some of the benefits that have been found to be true for Cayenne. Its a great herb. Cayenne contains a powerful, pain relieving compound that is called capsaicin. Some people have found that oils and creams containing red pepper, and applied topically, can sometimes relieve arthritis and muscle pain, backache, as well as psoriasis and sometimes even shingles.

Cayenne can be taken internally to stimulate digestion and circulation. Some have shared results like relieving sinus congestion and colds. It has been said to increase ones metabolism, and weight loss, and even to help heal ulcers. Amazingly, you would think it may hurt an ulcer, being so spicy. Nature is a beautiful thing. As said before, please contact your doctor before making any changes.

I just wanted to share with you what has been shared with me. I have found many of these things to be true for myself. They even have dark chocolate candy bars now, with cayenne in them! Lindt Chocolate makes it. Try it sometime.

The parts used in all of the above, are the ripe fruits, the cayenne peppers themselves. (as opposed to the leaves, seeds or roots, as seen with some other herbs.)